About the Drops

If you suffer from pterygium, pinguecula, or other eye conditions, then you understand the frustration of the constant blurry vision, itching, and the burning sensation. Both of these eye conditions are growths that occur on the conjunctiva (this is the membrane covering the white of your eye) and cornea of your eye. Despite being fairly common, these non-cancerous growths are difficult to remedy, and many people suffer for years without relief.


Burning Sensation

Blurry Vision


There is a solution to your discomfort.

A common cardiovascular drug, dipyridamole, when diluted (approximately 1/50,000 of the oral dose) and used as an eye drop, can help soothe pterygium, pinguecula, and many other painful eye conditions. These include glaucoma, a variety of viral eye infections, dry eye syndrome, nevus, ocular hypertension, and Meibomian gland dysfunction. This option is if high importance in the search for relief from these conditions.

You can now get help for pterygium - which formerly was considered to be "incurable."

Research has found that dipyridamole drops, when used to treat a painful pterygium, had resulted in a “marked improvement” in the patient’s symptoms. One woman’s pterygium was well-developed, and she suffered from dryness, uncontrolled and persistent blinking, a foreign body sensation, burning, and a raised lesion on her eye. Researchers gave her dipyridamole drops twice a day – eventually working it down to once a day. She noticed a “marked improvement” in the symptoms, and the pterygium itself.

Researchers have found that dipyridamole eye drops are very effective in remedying the symptoms of dry eyes from pterygium sufferers. Some patients even found a “complete resolution of symptoms” with continued use. Researchers have concluded that results are very exciting, as it appear to be extremely effective, and very safe (the medicine itself is safe, and only a small amount is used) – as opposed to other treatment options, making it a distinct advantage.

Get Relief from Pterygium and Pinguecula

If you're struggling with pterygium, pinguecula, or other frustrating eye conditions, get the relief you deserve by ordering dipyridamole eye drops.