Apple Cider Vinegar for Pterygium

Using apple cider vinegar for pterygium (also referred to as ACV) as a natural alternative has its benefits. Individuals have reported that applying this solution twice daily had a positive result. However, a majority of people who tried this solution claimed that moderate to severe stinging occurred. Even though some individuals have reported that while applying a solution of vinegar to their eye stung, the benefit of the solution was worth the discomfort. Others still found that by diluting the recommended solution with additional water, it helped to reduce stinging. When you suffer from pterygium and choose to use vinegar for relief, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. You can only use organic and raw apple cider vinegar for pterygium. Additionally, you must use only distilled or filtered water. This solution must then be applied by an eye dropper twice a day.

Use Caution When Using Apple Cider Vinegar for Pterygium

Unlike tested and proven methods, using ACV for pterygium has varied results. While some individuals have reported improvement, others have reported no results, and in other cases - even negative results. Some even claim that after a month of use, symptoms felt worse with no improvement. Moderate to severe stinging has also been reported. Many people claim that the discomfort is not worth the result. This is especially frustrating, as there are alternatives that do not cause stinging and discomfort.

When ACV is used to treat pterygium, you need to use water to dilute it. However, it is critical that you use filtered or distilled water, because unfiltered water can harbor a variety of bacteria and contaminants. This can lead to infections and further complications which can ultimately derail the healing and recovery process.

Apple cider vinegar for pterygium
castor oil remedy

Castor Oil for Pterygium

Another common alternative people turn to when looking for a natural remedy is castor oil for pterygium. Soothing in comparison to the stinging sensation of the vinegar, this remedy is a popular choice. When using castor oil for pterygium, one drop of castor oil is applied in the evening before bed. It is not without issues, however. This highly penetrating oil can cause blurred vision and difficulty focusing due to oil in the eye. While some people have claimed that castor oil works wonders for pterygium, the results are not conclusive. Many people report their symptoms remained the same or shown signs of worsening after trying this method.

A Better Alternative to Provide Relief and Healing

ACV and castor oil for pterygium are old remedies that don’t have any proven results. In fact, many people have reported that their symptoms grew worse. To get the most relief from your surfer’s eye, you need to turn to remedies that have been used by countless people for relief. Data has shown that dipyridamole drops can be extremely effective at fighting the symptoms of pterygium. A woman suffering with pterygium saw a marked improvement in her symptoms after using the drops twice daily. Other patients found that by using the drops, they were able to see a "complete resolution of the symptoms,” which offers an advantage to other remedies, including surgery.