What are the eye drops made of?

Our eye drops are made of a very diluted solution of dipyridamole, which is a cardiovascular solution. The concentration levels are the same that were used in the original research discovery and subsequent testing.

Is it safe to use the drops?

It is always wise to consult with your doctor before beginning to use the drops. Dipyridamole is a commonly used drug that is normally taken orally at doses between 200 and 400mg. Each drop of our eye drops contains roughly 1/50,000 of this amount. In all tests and research so far conducted, this small of an amount is considered to be completely safe.

How many drops do I use?

We recommend using one or two drops for each eye, either once or twice a day. There is no danger if excess drops are applied, however.

How long will it take to completely heal my pterygium or pinguecula?

You may get relief from the irritating symptoms (such as dryness, gritty sensation, or the feeling of having a foreign body in your eye) of pinguecula or pterygium within a week or less. Complete removal of the pterygium or pinguecula may take a year or more. The changes as a result of using these drops will be gradual, so we recommend making regular checkups with your ophthalmologist to measure the healing.

Are there any side effects to the drops?

Some people report a slight stinging in their eye immediately after applying the eye drops that lasts a few moments. This is rare, however. If you do experience this sensation, we recommend allowing the drops to come to room temperature before applying.