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Leading Causes of Dry Eyes

Leading Causes of Dry Eyes

Every year thousands of people suffer with dry eyes – did you know that eye dryness can be a symptom of your lifestyle?  Today we’re going to have a look at a few leading causes of dry eyes and how to avoid them.


Leading Causes of Dry Eyes

One of the main causes of eye dryness may simply be related to where you are living, working, partaking in activities.  Because dust, dirt or airborne allergens can cause your eyes to be red, itchy, swollen and dry.  This is especially true for allergy sufferer since often times it’s the unseen contaminants that affect your eyes causing them to water excessively and in result drying out your eyes.  Another common environmental factor is the climate you’re living in if it’s an arid climate with low humidity you may find yourself dealing with dry eyes more frequently.  Even if you live in a humid environment you may still find yourself dealing with dry eyes on windy days.


Another common factor that can lead to dry eyes may be lurking in your medicine cabinet.  Did you know that it’s not an uncommon side effect of many over the counter as well as prescription medications to include eye dryness?  If you’re regularly taking prescription or over the counter medications and suffering from dryness of eyes take a closer look at your medicine cabinet or talk to your doctor.

Screen Time

In our day and age we’re surrounded by electronic screens, from our computers at work, in line at the grocery store, at home in front of our television to even while enjoying a book on our e-readers.  We’ve already written about how too much screen time can have an affect on your eyes, including causing your eyes to become dry.  If you’re certain screen time is causing your eyes to dry out don’t worry since that can usually be solved by taking breaks away from a screen.