How to Cure Pterygium Naturally: Pterygium Treatment without Surgery

If you suffer from pterygium, then you understand the frustration of the constant gritty, itchy, and burning sensations it causes. Also known as “surfer’s eye,” pterygia are growths that develop on the side of the eye close to your nose in a wedged, raised shape. This elevated bump can invade the cornea, and can cause a lot of discomfort, blurry vision, disfigurement, and redness. No one knows the full cause of this malady, but it is believed it is the result of too much exposure to UV rays, especially when there is a glare (as in the water). Because of the discomfort it causes, many people who suffer from it look for natural remedies for pterygium to avoid surgery.

Typical Treatments for Surfer’s Eye

Typical treatments for surfer’s eye include steroid drops or lubricants. Unfortunately, these solutions aren’t permanent, and often don’t provide the relief that sufferers are looking for. Contact lenses are also often prescribed, to cover the growth and protect it from further UV exposure and dryness. Surgery is also an option, depending on the severity of the pterygium

  • Steroid Drops
  • Castor Oil
  • Mitomycin Eye Drops
  • Contact Lenses to Help with Symptoms
  • Surgery

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Surgery: An Invasive Solution

To avoid scarring, vision loss, and other long-term effects of a pterygium, surgery is often recommended. The surgery to remove the pterygium is short – usually less than 30 minutes, but as with all surgeries, it carries risks. Recovery can take up to 6 weeks, and it can induce astigmatism – especially if you already have astigmatism. Other possible side effects are double-vision, prolonged redness, a risk of infections, and eye swelling. Another thing to consider is that even with complete surgical removal, the pterygium can recur, or the removal site may remain red. Because of the risks surgery carries, many people look for pterygium removal naturally.

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How to Get Rid of Pterygium Naturally: Our Journey

We have personal experience with a natural pterygium remedy. My wife suffered from a pterygium in her eye for over 8 years. She tried everything: anti-inflammatory steroid drops, lubricating eye drops, and more. The steroid drops had little to no effect, and the side effects of glaucoma and cataract risk caused her to discontinue their use. Her eye was constantly irritated, and she had to wear sunglasses at all times outdoors due to the symptoms. Her ophthalmologist suggested surgery, but the recurrence rate was too high, and the risks too great to take this course. With no options left, we began to search for natural remedies for pterygium. I found data about eye drops: This natural pterygium remedy used an extremely diluted solution of a common cardiovascular compound – dipyridamole – as an eyedrop. My wife began using the drops and the results were amazing – the gritty sensation lessened, the redness was gone, and my wife’s eye felt better than it had in the previous 5 years. complete remission of the pterygium can occur with use for more than one year.

How to Remove Pterygium Naturally with Drops

The miraculous drops that gave my wife relief from her pterygium weren’t readily available for purchase. To obtain a supply, we worked with a laboratory overseas and produced the drops. The drops are made from the drug dipyridamole – which is a cardiovascular drug. Diluted greatly (approximately 1/50,000 of the oral dose), and used daily, it is a much safer and more natural alternative to surgery. People have seen a marked improvement in both the pterygium and the symptoms. The data is very exciting: Until now, the only known option for dealing with pterygium has been surgical removal, which involves a high recurrence rate. In addition, patients are often given topical steroids to treat their symptoms, but this can result in glaucoma. Now we have a promising remedy for this very difficult to treat disorder, and it is done using a very safe medicine.

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Pterygium Remedy without Surgery

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