Pterygium Eye Drops

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Dipyridamole eye drops has the potential to soothe the symptoms and provide healing for pinguecula, pterygium, and many other eye conditions so you can get the relief you deserve. Dipyridamole is dissolved at an extremely low concentration in saline solution to create the drops. They soothe the eye in a safe and effective way to provide relief.

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How to Use Pinguecula Eye Drops - Dipyridamole
In spite of the fact that the concentration of dipyridamole required to remedy pinguecula is incredibly low – so low as to be considered homeopathic – these eye drops cannot be found in stores and can only be purchased here online. We are fortunate to prepare and distribute this amazing medicine. In order to purchase the drops and begin your own exploration of this incredible remedy simply click the “Add to Cart” button. Response to inquiry is quick, and the drops are affordable and ship immediately. A single 10ml bottle (about 200 drops) can last up to two months, at a rate of 1-2 drops per eye, per day.

How to Use Pinguecula Eye Drops - DipyridamoleUse 1-2 drops per eye, every day. A single 10ml bottle contains about 200 drops, which can last up to 2 months when using up to 4 drops a day.

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