Pterygium Removal Cost, Surgery, and Options

When you suffer from the discomfort, pain and the undesirable appearance of pterygium, removal is one of your first concerns and a high priority. Fortunately, there are two options when it comes to its removal. You can undergo surgery, or you can go about pterygium removal naturally by reducing symptoms with topical drops.

Pterygium Removal Surgery

Surgery is relatively simple; it takes 20-30 minutes to complete. First, the pterygium is peeled, and tissue is removed from your upper eyelid and placed over the site where it was removed. This is to reduce the possibility that it recurs. In most cases, there do not need to be stitches, because the skin graft is secured in place with tissue glue. While this surgery is not very invasive, it is still surgery, and should be considered carefully before completing. Healing time varies for each person, but usually soreness lasts for a week. Redness may occur for up to 6 weeks after the surgery.


Cost of pterygium surgery

pterygium removal complications

Pterygium Removal Complications:

There are possible side-effects and complications to pterygium removal with conjunctival graft, as there are with any surgery. In some cases, patients may experience double-vision, eye swelling, prolonged redness, and infections. One of the most discouraging things about surgery is that the pterygium may return – and if it does not return, the removal site may remain red.

Get Relief from Your Pterygium

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The Cost of Surgery

Medical expenses can get out of control very quickly. Because of this, many people search for alternatives for the removal of pterygium, in order to alleviate the financial burden of a surgery. The cost of surgery varies wildly and depends on your insurance but is often in the thousands. Because of this, many turn to natural home remedies. While there are numerous claims that household products can remove pterygium naturally, very few are actually proven to completely result in removal.  What makes our Pterygium Eye Drops so unique is that you’re getting natural results without the sky-high cost of surgery.

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Pterygium Removal Options: Soothe Symptoms and Get Relief from Your Pain

Many people look for a more natural way to remedy pterygium, in order to avoid surgery. When you’re looking for a solution remove pterygium naturally we have the answer for you! Our Pterygium Eye Drops are a solution that is made of dipyridamole (a cardiovascular drug), that is diluted and dissolved in saline as an eye drop. Not only does it provide a more natural relief, it helps to reduce dryness, swelling and irritation. Many people have used our eye drops and have seen a great improvement in their pterygium and symptoms, without having to undergo surgery.