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Simple Tips to Help Prevent Dry Eyes

Simple Tips to Help Prevent Dry Eyes

As the weather is changing and ushering in cold, dry winter weather it’s no wonder more people experience dry eyes.  Not only do we have the climate contributing to dry eyes but there are a number of other factors as well.  In today’s post we’re going to look at the common contributors to winter dry eyes as well as simple tips to help prevent dry eyes!

Contributors to Winter Dry Eyes

Not only do we have the winter climate to deal with but we have these unavoidable factors as well.  As the temperatures drop most of us turn up the heat.  In our homes we fire up our furnaces, in our office spaces we have space heaters, and in our cars we turn up our heaters.  Unfortunately while these things help keep our spaces comfortable they do a number on our eyes!

Simple Tips to Help Prevent Dry Eyes

Because it’s impossible to avoid these winter time necessities here are some tips to help prevent excessive dryness.

1. On the Go

To help prevent dry eyes while driving follow this simple tip – keep your air vents pointed away from your face.

2. At Home

A simple way you can improve the air in your home my come as a surprise.  To help prevent dry eyes at home invest in a humidifier.

3. Talk to Your Doctor

If you suffer through wintry dry eyes we recommend talking with your doctor.  While occasional dry eyes can be remedied by over the counter eye drops severe or extra dry eyes may require professional care.

Now you can see how a few simple changes can make a difference.  We hope this post has been insightful and these tips will help you enjoy the winter season free from dry eyes!  To learn more about the leading causes of dry eyes visit our prior post.

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