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Visual Stress: Know the Signs

Visual Stress: Know the Signs


We know that the day to day stress on our eyes from electronic screens to school work, homework and reading can be taxing.  Leaving our eyes feeling tired and dry.  What if there was more to your eye fatigue?  In some cases you may be experiencing a more severe case of visual stress.  In today’s post we’re going to take a closer look at visual stress and a possible solution for people suffering from this condition.

What is Visual Stress?

Visual stress describes a condition where the person affected notices symptoms within 10 to 15 minutes – if not immediately – when they begin reading.  This can leave their eyes feeling strained and uncomfortable.  In some cases eye stress can leave you with headaches or migraines!  Not only is it uncomfortable it can cause the person affected to miss information resulting in frequent mistakes.  Could you or someone you love be suffering from visual stress?  Below we’ve compiled a list of common, but not inclusive, signs you may be experiencing visual stress.

Signs of Visual Stress

Rapid eye fatigue, skipping lines or words while reading, text moves/floats/shifts/waves while reading.  Difficulty copying text, headaches or migraines occur while reading, difficulty tracking words on pages/screens.

These are just a few common symptoms of visual stress.  We encourage you to visit your doctor if you have symptoms like these and have your eyes evaluated.  It can be incredibly difficult to endure these symptoms on a daily basis.  If someone you love or if you are dealing with these on a daily basis we recommend seeing your doctor.  They can then help you determine a course of action to begin reducing eye strain.  One interesting, although controversial, solution is tinted lenses.  While the effects are disputed it is an interesting idea on reducing visual stress.

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